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356 Sump Plate w/ Drain Plug

One less place for oil drips.

Our Sump Plates really hold the gaskets firmly and remove one of the most common oil leaks on 356 and 912 engines. They also aid cooling and look good besides.

The Drain Plug drains the oil from the lowest part of the sump and the plate was redesigned to drain the last half-pint of the nastiest, most contaminated oil. And it saves wear and tear on 50+ year-old sump plug threads.

These plates now feature a Neodymium ring magnet to better protect the oil pump and the bearings; more than 12 times stronger than the former ceramic part. And ours are easily removable for cleaning and have no center rivet to leak.

In response to customer requests, we now offer an optional Magnetic Plug. Some buyers prefer to leave the sump plate in place during oil changes and use the magnetic plug to detect any ferrous swarf in the sump.

356 Sump Plate w/ Drain Plug: Installed view
356 Sump Plate w/ Drain Plug: Details view

356 Sump Plate w/ Drain Plug

  • Price: $120.20
  • Gaskets: $7.50/2
  • Magnetic Plug Option: $13.50
  • Availability: In Stock Now