About Us

Precision Matters was started by Ron LaDow in 2000 with the purpose of creating innovative, quality components to preserve and improve enthusiasts' automobiles.

Ron's background in product development engineering and a lifelong love affair with classic, performance automobiles come together to create an idea factory that will offer 356, 912 and 911 owners the most imaginative and functional new products to improve performance and reliability.

In the Spring of 2015, Precision Matters acquired the business assets of Mainely Custom by Design, a company offering similar products of high quality. By Autumn, 2015, most of the products had been integrated into Precision Matters' line, some already having been improved. We are proud to offer them.

Some notes on our business practices:

We do not feature web-commerce, since our products are designed for specific applications and neither you nor your car are likely to be easily defined by a number. We encourage you to call and discuss your needs specific to your car; we are here 8AM to 5PM (Pacific time) weekdays and usually Saturday mornings.

We accept returns without question for 30 days after purchase for un-used parts; if the return is a result of a Precision Matters mistake, shipping charges will be reversed. We do not accept returns on tools other than replacement for faulty items.

Our products are under constant development driven by customer feedback and are therefore made in relatively small runs to avoid stocking 'obsolete' parts. As a result, specification and pricing are subject to change without notice.

We offer discounts to resellers favoring quantity purchases; please call for details and a price schedule.

Please click on the Product pages for detailed information on our current offerings. Click on Contact to send us your feedback on new designs.

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