Seat Popper Stoppers: Installed view
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Seat Popper Stoppers

  • Price: $97.50/set of two(fixes both seats)
  • Availability: Now in stock again

Do your C seat backs adjust themselves?

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356 C seat back adjusters worked very well for a long time. But the factory never intended them to work this long.

The lever on the side of the seat is restrained from moving aft by a plastic cover. Or it was; those plastic covers have a life span and 30-40 years looks like the limit. Once the lever can move toward the rear, it comes out of engagement with the actual adjuster ‘tooth-washer’ and the seat back is no longer locked in a particular location.

Our Popper Stoppers clamp to the lever’s shaft and provide a thrust surface to prevent movement. The seat adjustment is returned to as-new function; it now adjusts, but only when you adjust it.

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