Full Flow Oil Filter, Euro-Spec



Clean oil preserves your engine. >>
Our Full Flow Adapter delivers 100% filtration in an easy-to-install package. No hoses or brackets and cooler oil besides. Fits post 1960 engines with electric tachometers. This unit is a modification of the US-Spec part, made smaller to fit between the muffler-mount brackets on engines with the Euro-Spec heaters. It features the same pressure relief valve to prevent damage to the filter element. —— Please note: We have recently introduced a new revision to the Adapter which allows the use of the mechanical tach drive gear, saving hundreds in installation costs for those with mechanical tachs, since you do not have to buy the later electrical tach drive gear. Hence: IF YOU LIKE YOUR GEAR, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR GEAR!

Suffice to say, the Adapter was already pretty well dimensionally optimized, so this took several months of trading off .010 here to maybe find .005 over there which might allow— You get the point. We have not, nor will we ever, find a way to make the mechanical tach drive mechanism, the filter and the muffler occupy the same space; reality is not optional. So while you can keep the mechanical tach gear, an electric tach head is still required and must always be. If you are running unfiltered oil in the hopes of a miracle, well, you are gonna have a lot of dirty oil for a loooong time. We wish it were otherwise, but.

Please note that the DIY Kit is NOT required for installation of the Full Flow or Remote kits. It is designed as an aid to the hobbyist who is inexperienced in layout and probably doesn’t have gaskets on hand. If your engine is out of the car or apart for service, the DIY kit will be of little help.