Twin-Plug Ignition


Your 356 will respond to this as to no other change.  >> Our Twin-Plug components and kits provide seriously improved power over the entire engine speed range and are a ‘plug-in’ fit to your late 356 (yes, 6V is fine). Keep your carb and cockpit heat.

This component package is now in limited production and available for prompt delivery. Please call to discuss your project for best results.

In line with our non-invasive approach, the Twin-Plug requires modifications to only six of the stock engine parts: Heads, Side Horizontal Tins, and Air Channels. No other modifications required; all else is purely bolt-on.

Modifications to the car required to fit the Twin-Plug engine are simpler yet: None. All wiring, gauge hookups, heater and throttle linkages are untouched. Bolt it into your stock 356 and go.

  1. Distributors/gear case:Individually machined, fitted and finished. Advance set for optimal twin-plug operation. Tune up parts (points, condenser, rotor and cap) not included.
  2. Drill heads:NLA