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Steering Coupler

The last Steering Coupler your 356 will ever need; completely and totally fail-safe, fits early and late applications without any modification at all.

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Precision Matters Steering Coupler

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For reasons understandable when our cars were new, the factory bought steering gear couplers of elastomeric 'discs' or 'tubes' with bonded metal fastening inserts.

The metal parts tended to last forever while the elastomers failed, with the possibility of leaving scant or no connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels. It is axiomatic that any elastic elements, even those reinforced with cord (like 20-year-old tires), and even the parts in our Precision Matters product, fail long before metal does.

When the cars were new(er), the factory properly assumed the cars got inspections on a regular basis and any deterioration would be noted and corrected at that time. Most of our cars no longer get those regular inspections. Precision Matter' Steering Coupler means irregular inspections won't have you sawing wildly at the wheel under any circumstances.

The Precision Matters design maintains the desired compliance by passing the steering inputs and reactions through elastic elements. But instead of capturing metal inserts in an elastic disc, ours safely encapsulate the elastic elements; radially, between two aluminum discs and axially, by metallic fasteners (See "Schematic" on Details page).

As a result, steering wheel/linkage connection is guaranteed under complete failure of the elastomers. Under that complete failure, the steering wheel would gain ~1" radial 'slack' at the rim and ~.03" axial movement. You would remain entirely in control of your car. And when they fail, sometime in the future, you can buy replacement inserts at a local bearing dealer; they are "square O-rings".

As an added benefit, the Precision Matters design fits both "Early" (~.5" thickness) and "Late" (~1.3" thickness) applications with the same part, simply depending on orientation. And the Precision Matters design does not rely on the strength of the electrical ring-tongue terminals for structural integrity; those are captured by secondary fastenings; crushing an electrical ring terminal will have no effect on the structural integrity of the assembly.

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